What Is Web Development?

Glad you asked! Web development refers to the actual building, deployment, and maintenance of a website. Developers (or "devs" for short) take all of the puzzle pieces of website building and, using an arsenal of tools, provide the finished picture for the world to enjoy.

Why Do I Need A Dev?

In todays world, more and more people are choosing to browse businesses and service options via the web. When a business lacks an online presence it is missing out on the ability to reach millions of potential customers! Also, having a website listed alongside your business info builds trust with potential customers that want to see what you are all about before they decide if your service is what they are looking for.

Why Choose A Freelancer?

Did you know that hiring a full-time dev can cost $60,000 per year? And that's on the low end of the average! A freelancer can provide the same quality website and provide updates whenever you need them for a fraction of the cost.That's money in the bank! Also, hiring a freelancer helps you avoid those pesky taxes that come with having employees! A freelancer relies heavily on customer experiences to keep their business going, so freelancers typically feel more compelled to go above and beyond your expectations!

What Sort Of People Need A Website?

There are so many reasons you may need an online presence. Maybe you are a blogger or content creator and need a personal site to help build your brand? Maybe you are a small business looking to gain a wider audience? Or maybe you aleady have an online presence and want to change up the boring template look for something that feels "more you"? Whatever your motive is, a dev is your biggest asset to thriving on the internet.

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